New Bridge: Beth Ann's Story


Within a years’ time I lost a baby girl, was blessed with a girl and became a single mom by divorce. Due to the twin girls’ early arrival, problems were unavoidable. My daughter, Hope, spent two months in the NICU and was diagnosed early with Cerebral Palsy.

Somehow through the devastation, I kept pushing along and soon realized what a blessing it truly was. This little miracle pushed me to become a better person. Through her, my parents and I started doing foster care for medically fragile infants. Soon our house was filled with therapists every day of the week and my purpose was revealed. Occupational therapy soon became a burning passion. The desire to go back to school was strong, but time and resources were short. Eventually my daughter’s surgeries came to a halt and a COTA program was being formed. A fast track 18 month program to become an Occupational Therapy Assistant was a perfect solution. I applied for this competitive program, was accepted and willing to do whatever it took to make it through.

I gave up foster care and cut back on my volunteer work to dedicate my time togirl2 school. A fine line between paying my bills and providing for my disabled daughter soon became avoidable. The company I volunteer for extended a great job offer to me. The position would eliminate money burdens, but would also eradicate school.

The same amazing person that offered the job, told me about the Glascoe’s in attempt to keep me in school. Since the North Star Bridge Project accepted me into their program, I have excelled in school and not worried about providing for my daughter or paying the bills. Another miracle! With the Glascoe’s support, I will achieve my dream and be the first in my family to graduate from college in September 2011. girl3

There are not enough words to express my gratitude to the Glascoe’s and all of the North Star Bridge supporters! Thank you for your support!

Written by Beth Ann


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